Monday, June 10, 2013

gifts and wrapping!

yesterday i did some giftwrapping for a friend of mine
she are going to a graduate-party next weekend, and this is the gifts she's gonna give
awesome gifts, i wouldn't mind getting them ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013

a x-mas may-day ;)


such a long time since i last posted here! it's time for a new post, indeed!

i have bought some gifts (for example hair-dye, a note book)
for my friends that lives in the town växjö, where i lived for a year (july 2011-juni 2012)
i tried to wrap them so they should fit everyone's personality/taste a bit
then i put them in a huuuge envelope and sent it

here is the bracelet i bought to sanna:

and here is all the gifts!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A random act of kindness

i'm a member at an international website, swap-bot, that i've written about before
some weeks ago i read a request in one of the forums
it's my favourite part of the forums, it's named "random acts of kidness"

here is the message that i read:

and how could i say no to this? it's so sweet of her to think about her friend and do this for him!
so when i was in the town i found a perfect snoopy-card, it just popped up in front of my eyes!
i didn't even look for it that day!

i think it's a really cute card, hope he doesn't find it too childish and girly tho...
but it seems like an impossible task to find a valentine card that isn't like that

it felt kinda weird to call myself "babe", but whatever, it's valentine's day! ;)

i hope he'll get many card this year!

do you guys send valentine's cards?

it isn't that huge here in sweden, at least not when i went to school and was between 10-14 y.o
(year 2000 to 2004, im born 1990)
maybe it's bigger these days...?

i have some more v-cards to write this year, but it has to wait
i need to take a shower and vacuum my apartment before it's too late
and the neighbours will be disturbed...

Monday, December 3, 2012

tea for one


i have had so many posts in my mind, and have taken many pictures too for this blog,
but still - no update... but i rather write here when i'm in the right mood than do
it to another thing to add to "must do-list"... that list is far to long already!

at saturday i was shopping in my town with a friend
i bought three things that i really liked, so i have to show you guys them,
even if they aren't snail-mail related...

the book's name in english is "angels in my hair"
the incenses are one of my absolute favourite, if you like incense and haven't tried those, you should!
they are from the "nag champa" series
the cup or mug is from an indian-inspired store,
you might not see it on the picture, but it's a reaaal big cup!
perfect for tea for one :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

swap-bot fun!

good afternoon everyone!

this month i did a pagan/wiccan swap with a girl from spain via swap-bot
we should send pagan/wiccan related stuff
(like incense, gemstones, art, jewelry or craft items related to the theme)
i sent her a beautiful neckless with a carneol stone, smudge sage and my favourite incense
and i added some extras - serveral different teas, beads (in her favourite colour)
and a picture printet on a special photopaper with a post-it effect
she liked zombies, skulls and such stuff too, and the picture i sent i found on internet
i think it fit her perfect!
here it is:

sadly i had no time to take any photos of this swap/package...
feels a little sad, since it was really nice things that i would like to show you,
but done its done, no need to cry over it now!

the deadline for sending the package was the 31th of october...
i sent her a message one day before and asked how everything went with her package,
and some days later (after the deadline) she answer that she couldn't send it
before tuesday (the 6th of november)
we have had three weeks to send the package before the deadline,
so i have to admit that i feel a little bit disappointed over this...
but i hope she sending me nice things!
i will show you pictures when i receive it!

im also currently in a swap that's named "promoting your blog!"
we have five partners each, and we should send them an email with a link to our blog(s)
and then they have to check it out and left a comment!
i think i will do the email today, and i have already received my partners blogadresses,
so i have a lot of blogreading/commenting to do :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

to my beloved grandma

today (the 22nd of october) it's my grandma's birthday!
sadly my family and relatives lives 4 hours car-driving away,
and i had no opportunity to celebrate her "in real life"

but i gave her a phonecall today and told her to wait for something in the mail :)

here is the card i made:


the word "till" is swedish and means "to"
my grandma is from finland, "isoäiti" is the word for grandma in finnish
i don't speak any finnish tho, but luckliy she speaks swedish too
she turned 74 years, but she is very active for her age i think
oh, i miss her so much!

snailmail from the heart x 2

here comes a post that i have think of writing for maaany weeks now...

more precious letters from my friend sophie tiger <3

and a dear friend that i met online for many years ago
have celebrated her birthday (last month - september) so i have sent her a birthdaycard

the envelope was really beautiful too, if you ask me :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

the one who always sends precious letters!

some posts ago i wrote about my friends birthdays, and one of them i wrote about
was my friend sophie (her nickname is tiger)
she make the most wonderful letters and envelopes!

look here what i got some weeks ago:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my iron fairy chante

for some months ago i got a such a beautiful gift from my mum!

have you ever heard of the iron fairies?
here are a link to their website (it's a very nice website, it make you feel the magic)
they are hand crafted from iron ore

there are about 25 different fairies, all of them have their own personality,
and like/care for different things in nature 

my fairy's name is chante, she loves tree ferns and she is a quiet, mystical and tranquil fairy
here is her poem:

I´m Fairy Chante, a goddess in green,

For I live in the tree fern, but am rarely seen.

By day I am working the leaves I clean.

By night I am sleeping I feel like a queen!

With a bright umbrella of delicate fronds,

My fern home likes water, we live near ponds.

Look up! Look down! Keep your eyes peeled!

It´s me over here! Your princess revealed!

when you take your fairy home it's important that you place her so she will see
the next days sunrise, since she was made deep under the ground
and never have seen the sun before
you also get a bottle of magic fairy dust that you should sprinkle over her,
that sets her spirit free

i put her in my window where the sun goes up in the morning yesterday
(or, it's 3 AM, so it was two days ago now...) however, it was at monday i did this

and here she is! cute, isn't she?
i hope she will like it here at our home,
i told her that she was free to fly on adventures whenever she wanted to
and she could come back any time to rest and be with us

welcome home, chante!
hope you enjoyed the sunrise, soon you will see another one!

Monday, September 3, 2012


i decided to share this video with you, i have loved it for a long time
and it really fits in a mailrelated blog because it's about two (long lost) penpals
my life and mood isn't exactly cheery for the moment,
but some mails always put a smile in both my face and in my heart
so thank you for keep sending me letters! i working on a reply to
my friend julia right now, she sent me a letter in the middle of july
guess that says something about how little i write nowdays...
my friend karin celebrated her birthday the 12th of august,
she has now got her present and the birthdaycard i made for her,
so i can upload pictures of it!
("grattis" is the swedish word for "congratulations")

and the 19th of august, my friend sophie-tiger (her "nickname" is tiger) turned 25 years!
i sent her a birthdayletter

i picked some scratingsupplies as a gift

and on the envelope i used my huuuge chinese skills ;)