Monday, December 3, 2012

tea for one


i have had so many posts in my mind, and have taken many pictures too for this blog,
but still - no update... but i rather write here when i'm in the right mood than do
it to another thing to add to "must do-list"... that list is far to long already!

at saturday i was shopping in my town with a friend
i bought three things that i really liked, so i have to show you guys them,
even if they aren't snail-mail related...

the book's name in english is "angels in my hair"
the incenses are one of my absolute favourite, if you like incense and haven't tried those, you should!
they are from the "nag champa" series
the cup or mug is from an indian-inspired store,
you might not see it on the picture, but it's a reaaal big cup!
perfect for tea for one :)


  1. What a nice cup! :)
    And I understood the title of your book before reading your translation! I'm so proud of myself :P

  2. I just love the cup ^_^ Looks so fancy for having your tea and stuff, perfect combination with a brand new book ready to read! Hope you're having a nice December :)

    Love from Barcelona,