Thursday, February 7, 2013

A random act of kindness

i'm a member at an international website, swap-bot, that i've written about before
some weeks ago i read a request in one of the forums
it's my favourite part of the forums, it's named "random acts of kidness"

here is the message that i read:

and how could i say no to this? it's so sweet of her to think about her friend and do this for him!
so when i was in the town i found a perfect snoopy-card, it just popped up in front of my eyes!
i didn't even look for it that day!

i think it's a really cute card, hope he doesn't find it too childish and girly tho...
but it seems like an impossible task to find a valentine card that isn't like that

it felt kinda weird to call myself "babe", but whatever, it's valentine's day! ;)

i hope he'll get many card this year!

do you guys send valentine's cards?

it isn't that huge here in sweden, at least not when i went to school and was between 10-14 y.o
(year 2000 to 2004, im born 1990)
maybe it's bigger these days...?

i have some more v-cards to write this year, but it has to wait
i need to take a shower and vacuum my apartment before it's too late
and the neighbours will be disturbed...