Friday, June 29, 2012

late birthdaypresent


today our dear friend karin visited us
we talked a lot, it was very cosy but there was a problem:
i have a a sore throat right now, and i am out of voice...
so i had to whisper thru the whole conversation
we haven't been able to hang out so much this year,
so she had a birthdaypresent to me that she bought in march when i turned 22
but it was quite nice to have it now, a present in the end of the month - who dosen't like that?
look here what i got:

it's a gift bag with eeyore (his name is "ior" in swedish), karin's dog is named ior
and inside i found handmade soaps that both smell and look delicious!
oh, i adore them! thank you so much, karin!
i have to stop buy ordinary soap, the liquid one and use these instead!
they will last a lifetime!!

looking forward to karin's birthday in august, she will get something nice in return :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

this is what im made of

hi guys!

i haven't had the spirit for writing any letters or updating this blog, but here it comes!
OK, i admit, i have some issues with blogger, the text dosn't comes at the right place and so on...
so that's why i have to write all the text first and take the pictures at the bottom

i have designed the blog a little bit more, what do you think?
it's pretty simple, but i like it tho!

i gonna show you some pictures
the first one is my cat sirius
(i have two cats - malva and sirius, they come from a union for homeless cats)
sirius is trying to do some scrapbooking here :)

and then we have some photos of SOME of my scrapbooking/crafting supplies
first there is some glitter glue (i have much more in another drawer), inkpads and glitterpouder
the second drawer is for my finest scrapbooking things, like my lettersstickers, ribbons & paperroses
(it's kinda hard to explain in english, 'cus scrapbooking is pretty new for me,
so sometimes i don't even know what the stuff you use are called in swedish)
the flowertin is a gift a got at midsummer from my friend emily

ok, now to the last one, which consist of one of my obsessions - stationary!
i have a huge amount of them, both storebought and from tradera (the swedish version of ebay)
the funny thing is that i usually don't use lettersets when i writing letters
i prefer one coloured blank papers or scrapbookingcards

if you guys want to get some stationary papers
(totaly random - but nice - ones, the most of them dosen't have any envies)
please let me know so we can do a little swap
if you have something nice you can send back to me

the fifth picture - my beloved alex from ikea
they are so practical for storage!

and i have great news to tell you (and my mailbox!)
i have a new penpal - erika from united states
we will exchange letters with goodies from our countrys
i really longing for her letter to come through my letter slot!

this is all for now, take care and keep your pencils busy!


Monday, June 18, 2012


um, well, hello everyone!
ok, so this is my first international blog, and the first one in english!
i'm not a very talanted englishspeaker, but i will try my best
please be patient with me

this blog will consist of pictures and information about letters and postcards that i send or receive

the blog's name "genomorden" is swedish and means "through the words"
it's was pretty hard to choose a name, and i forgot to pick a english one, of course

here is my letter slot, the pink sign is saying "no junk mail, please! but welcome in for a coffee :)"
the swedish mailman didn't understood the english one, so i had to make one more...

this is a scrapbooking card i have made for my penpal johanna in stockholm, sweden
i made it in the beginning of may, so it's really time to send it soon!
i'm not sure why i haven't done that yet, i'm to lazy i guess