Tuesday, July 24, 2012

long lost penpal

this is a letter i have want to write for a long time, but i haven't found the peace of mind to do it
now it finnished and ready to be sent out tomorrow

i have some swapbotting going on too, i sent some scrapbookingpapers (with nice extras)
to a woman in america yesterday
i always aim for hearts, and i have always got them as well
(for you who hasn't swap-bot, it's a special rating system, and you can choose to
give the sender a "heart" for a extra special package/letter)

hope my friend reply fast to this letter, 'cause i missing her and her brilliant mail-art!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


hi again!

i just published the post below, but since there was more mail i decided to make two posts of this

 i ordered beads from a swedish website, they came in my mailbox today!

the picture on the beads aren't very good, they look much more beautiful in real life!

this is a picture from the website of one kind of the beads,
much more interesting, don't you think?

here is sirius, one of my two cats!
he is SO curious of everything!! esspecially of my mail,
i had to put the beads away fast after i had photographed them!

this is all for now! hope you are having a nice week! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

letters from two dear friends

today i have slept all day long, until half past nine PM
my cat sirius woke me up up by stepping all over my body
in my dreams i thought "oh, angelmassage!" (haha!)
but it was my own little stubby cherub sirius, just wanted some attention from his mother

however, i was awake around one o'clock this afternoon
and i saw a lot of mail on my doormat! yiiiihaa!

there was a letter with an unknown handwriting,
and then when i read who it came from i recognize it!
it was my frist letter from a friend i meet this year in another town
she's still living there and i have moved back to my old town (kristianstad)
so we decided to penpaling, loved to her from her!

and she had put the cutest stickers on the envie!

OK, this is a bit embarrassing to write,
but i have received another precious letter from one of my best friends - emily
it feels embarrassing 'cause i haven't write to her for a long time
my muse for writing seems to have take some vacation!
i really need her back soon, i have a lot of letters to write and reply!
emily - there will be a letter for you soon! i have something in mind!

look what i found inside!
a real cute unwritten postcard, tons of tea, a beautiful letter
and a little cellophanebag with tiny, tiny scrapbookingsupplies!

this is what i found inside the bag:

thank you for those lovely letters, my friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

swap-bot and postcard

today i sent a package to molly in USA via swap-bot,
the shipping cost 10 $, why is it so expensive? it weight around 300 gram

yesterday was a very nice mailday! i received this absolute amazing card from my friend julia,
we haven't heard of each other for a long time, so it felt special to read it

and from molly (the one I sent the package too) came a letter too!
the mailwomen tried to put it in my letter slot,
but it didn't fit so she knocked on my door, lucklily i was home so i could
get it right in my hands instead of picking it up at the post office
here is what was inside: (loved it!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


it's a dear friends birthday soon, so i made a card for her
pretty simle but i think it's kinda sweet

(since the text in my blog isn't comes in on the place i want it to,
i will take the pictures last today again)

i wrote a postcard and send a friend some pins of a swedish singer
i still like him, but not so much that i wear these pins
hope them will find a good home at my friends bag or jacket :)

i have some projects at swap-bot going on too!
i'm doing a private swap for a newbie - molly, to get up her rating
we shall send some candy, scrapbookingpapers and other goodies
of course there are pictures coming!
and then we have erica, my new penpal from kentucky in USA
i'm waiting for my first letter from her, and then i should answer her too :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

happy mailbox!

last week, on the thursday (june 28) my mailbox was very happy,
and when the mailbox is happy, so am i!
i received a beautiful letter from my lovely friend emily
she lives only a few minutes away from here, but we still sending letter to each other,
just becuase it's so fun!


and there was more mail! one each for my two cats, sirius and malva!!
thier first letters! what a big day!
two postcards from postcrossing too, even if i haven't been active there for a while now

(sorry for the text on the right side, my blog is wierd!)