Saturday, August 25, 2012

this has brighten up my days recently

hi friends! sorry for the emptiness here...
not much letters goes out nowdays,
i really can't sit down and write a letter for the moment, but i working on it!
fortunately tho, i still receive some!

yesterday i got a letter from my friend annika, we have the same letterset!
look how beautiful it is inside the envies


i received a package from a sue woods from swap-bot too,
"goodies from my country/state/province", she sent a greeting from las vegas!

and last (but not least), there's a website called
i found it some months ago, and yesterday a postcard came through my letter slot!
i was so happy and suprised, 'cause i almost had forgot i signed up there...

i will send something back to wendy soon!

tomorrow i'll go to a friends place and have birthday-afternoon
since she celebrated her birthday some weeks ago
so i have to wrap her gift now! i will take a picture for you guys to see :)

hope to here from you below! yay, loooove comments!

the reason why i hate weekends...



Uncle Vernon: Ahh... it’s Sunday. The best day of the week. Why is that, Dudley?
Harry: [when Dudley doesn't answer] Because there’s no post on Sundays?
Uncle Vernon: Right you are, Harry! No post on Sundays. Hah!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


haven't write any letter or sent any package for some days now
but today i register a bunch of postcards via postcrossing
some of them had been travelling for over hundred days!
i haven't been active on that website for a long, long time now
i also wrote three postcards, one to malaysia, one to america and the third one to poland

it's my friends birthday tomorrow, so i have done a birthdaycard to her,
but she reads my blog, so i can't upload that picture yet :)

not much happens in my life right now... i have a wierd diurnal rhythm...
this "night" (read: morning) i went to sleep 06.00 am...
woke up around half past four on the afternoon
playing a lot of sims, makes my day go by...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dear mailwoman, will you marry me?


haven't found my inspiration-muse yet... but i'm trying anyway, and sometimes it works!
but if you see her, please tell her that i really miss her and need her badly!

i have sent a letter to a lady in the united states via swap-bot
it was a swap named "3 wishes", you should write about ten things you would like to receive
(like candy, stationary, stickers e.g) and then your partner should pick at least three of
those things and send to you! lyanne (whom was my partner that i sent to) wrote that she
loved roses, pink, fairies, antique keys and chocolate (and some more things)
so i chose those things for her:

there are some things inside the envelope already,
like tiny roses for scrapbooking and a butterfly-bookmark

here is some mail that i have received this week and the week before:

one day the mailwoman (gender equality, go go!!) came with three swap-bot letters
i was like overthrilled!

look at this lovely stamps!
dosen't associate them with usa tho...

fell in love with these stickers!

now it's time for more letter-writing!
but before i end this, i want you to hear a beautiful (but sad) song in swedish
the titel "vintern blev för lång" means "the winter last too long"

she sings (my bad translation...)

"shoot down every bastard
who ever fooled you
walk them down with your boot
even tho your armor feels small"

OK, i admit, it sounds much better in swedish, i find it very hard to translate lyrics!