Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my iron fairy chante

for some months ago i got a such a beautiful gift from my mum!

have you ever heard of the iron fairies?
here are a link to their website (it's a very nice website, it make you feel the magic)
they are hand crafted from iron ore

there are about 25 different fairies, all of them have their own personality,
and like/care for different things in nature 

my fairy's name is chante, she loves tree ferns and she is a quiet, mystical and tranquil fairy
here is her poem:

I´m Fairy Chante, a goddess in green,

For I live in the tree fern, but am rarely seen.

By day I am working the leaves I clean.

By night I am sleeping I feel like a queen!

With a bright umbrella of delicate fronds,

My fern home likes water, we live near ponds.

Look up! Look down! Keep your eyes peeled!

It´s me over here! Your princess revealed!

when you take your fairy home it's important that you place her so she will see
the next days sunrise, since she was made deep under the ground
and never have seen the sun before
you also get a bottle of magic fairy dust that you should sprinkle over her,
that sets her spirit free

i put her in my window where the sun goes up in the morning yesterday
(or, it's 3 AM, so it was two days ago now...) however, it was at monday i did this

and here she is! cute, isn't she?
i hope she will like it here at our home,
i told her that she was free to fly on adventures whenever she wanted to
and she could come back any time to rest and be with us

welcome home, chante!
hope you enjoyed the sunrise, soon you will see another one!

Monday, September 3, 2012


i decided to share this video with you, i have loved it for a long time
and it really fits in a mailrelated blog because it's about two (long lost) penpals
my life and mood isn't exactly cheery for the moment,
but some mails always put a smile in both my face and in my heart
so thank you for keep sending me letters! i working on a reply to
my friend julia right now, she sent me a letter in the middle of july
guess that says something about how little i write nowdays...
my friend karin celebrated her birthday the 12th of august,
she has now got her present and the birthdaycard i made for her,
so i can upload pictures of it!
("grattis" is the swedish word for "congratulations")

and the 19th of august, my friend sophie-tiger (her "nickname" is tiger) turned 25 years!
i sent her a birthdayletter

i picked some scratingsupplies as a gift

and on the envelope i used my huuuge chinese skills ;)