Monday, September 3, 2012


i decided to share this video with you, i have loved it for a long time
and it really fits in a mailrelated blog because it's about two (long lost) penpals
my life and mood isn't exactly cheery for the moment,
but some mails always put a smile in both my face and in my heart
so thank you for keep sending me letters! i working on a reply to
my friend julia right now, she sent me a letter in the middle of july
guess that says something about how little i write nowdays...
my friend karin celebrated her birthday the 12th of august,
she has now got her present and the birthdaycard i made for her,
so i can upload pictures of it!
("grattis" is the swedish word for "congratulations")

and the 19th of august, my friend sophie-tiger (her "nickname" is tiger) turned 25 years!
i sent her a birthdayletter

i picked some scratingsupplies as a gift

and on the envelope i used my huuuge chinese skills ;)


  1. Very nice scrapbookingcards you have made, you are very talant on this :)
    Love you!

  2. Hej! Försökte få tag på dig på Interpals men lyckades inte med det! Du hade hört av dig om att bli snailmail penpals och jag vill gärna det! ^^