Sunday, November 4, 2012

swap-bot fun!

good afternoon everyone!

this month i did a pagan/wiccan swap with a girl from spain via swap-bot
we should send pagan/wiccan related stuff
(like incense, gemstones, art, jewelry or craft items related to the theme)
i sent her a beautiful neckless with a carneol stone, smudge sage and my favourite incense
and i added some extras - serveral different teas, beads (in her favourite colour)
and a picture printet on a special photopaper with a post-it effect
she liked zombies, skulls and such stuff too, and the picture i sent i found on internet
i think it fit her perfect!
here it is:

sadly i had no time to take any photos of this swap/package...
feels a little sad, since it was really nice things that i would like to show you,
but done its done, no need to cry over it now!

the deadline for sending the package was the 31th of october...
i sent her a message one day before and asked how everything went with her package,
and some days later (after the deadline) she answer that she couldn't send it
before tuesday (the 6th of november)
we have had three weeks to send the package before the deadline,
so i have to admit that i feel a little bit disappointed over this...
but i hope she sending me nice things!
i will show you pictures when i receive it!

im also currently in a swap that's named "promoting your blog!"
we have five partners each, and we should send them an email with a link to our blog(s)
and then they have to check it out and left a comment!
i think i will do the email today, and i have already received my partners blogadresses,
so i have a lot of blogreading/commenting to do :)


  1. Wow that is an awesome picture! (Michelledann blog promoting swapbot)

  2. Love the blog. Thanks for sharing! (blog promoting swap.) How many snail mail pen-pals do you have?

    1. Thanks :) I have around 10 penpals, but sadly I don't write so much letters right now... How about you?

  3. This sounds like a fun swap! I embrace my pagan roots and I'm studying wiccan. I love embracing the reality that I imagine my life and it is exactly what I think it is. I practice mind power. :)

    regrowroots from Swap-bot

  4. Nice blog! It is so nice to see your craft work. Love this wiccan pic. I'm not in wicca, but there are things I admire in wicca. Hope your swap partner sends you good gifts:-)) ♥ to you. Lucine

    1. I forgot to add that I am your partner @ for the Promoting your blog! swap.

  5. I love that picture :) I want to do a swap too someday...